About Us


Cat Hospital At Towson (CHAT) was founded in 1984 by Dr. Jane Brunt, DVM, as the first cat-exclusive animal hospital in the state of Maryland. Our mission is to strive for excellence in cat care by providing compassion, commitment, and expertise to all patients and clients.

Our team consists of…

Dr. Brunt, DVM
Dr. Sternefeld, DVM
Dr. Smetana, DVM
Dr. Davani, VMD


Deirdre, RVT
Marty, Veterinary Assistant
Danielle, Veterinary Assistant
Jennie, Veterinary Assistant
Elena, Veterinary Assistant
Shelby, Veterinary Technician


Kate, CRS
Jordan, CRS


Quinn, Caregiver
Suzanne, Caregiver
Jy’India, Caregiver