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  • Megestrol acetate is used to postpone estrus and alleviate false pregnancy. It may be used in cats to treat behavior problems (e.g. inter-male aggressive behavior, urine spraying, aggression towards people). It has also been used to treat a variety of skin conditions.

  • Meloxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent used to relieve pain and inflammation in dogs and cats. It is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Meloxicam has also been used to treat pain associated with surgery.

  • We celebrate our pets! We have cake on their birthdays. We wrap presents for them at Christmas. We buy them special toys when they are sick. When they pass on, we are sad, but isn’t it fitting to celebrate one more time?

  • Methimazole is used to lower the amount of thyroid hormone in the blood. This medication will not cure hyperthyroidism, but will help control the disease.

  • Methocarbamol is used to relax muscles and reduce muscular spasms.

  • Methylprednisolone is a glucocorticoid used for many conditions. This type of medication is used to suppress the immune system in diseases like systemic lupus, to stop itching, to treat Addison’s Disease, to treat certain types of cancer, to stop swelling of the brain, to treat certain kinds of anemia and to treat many other conditions.

  • Metoclopramide is used to increase the movements or contractions of the stomach and intestines. It may be used to relieve the symptoms of vomiting and heartburn (gastro-esophageal reflux). This medication may be used for other conditions as determined by your veterinarian.

  • Metronidazole is a synthetic antibacterial and antiprotazoal agent used in treating giardiasis, trichomoniasis, amoebiasis, balantidiasis and trypanosomiasis.

  • The purpose of the microchips used for pets is to provide a form of permanent identification. These microchip implants are called RFID tags, (Radio Frequency Identification). They are tiny, virtually painless to implant, and dramatically increase the odds that a lost cat will be returned to his family.

  • Milbemycin oxime is used to prevent heartworm and for the control of hookworms and roundworms. This medication may be used for other conditions as determined by your veterinarian.